Oracle Card Symbols – Wings

This article deals specifically with bird or angel wings. Butterfly wings have a whole different symbology all of their own that I will talk about in the future. Wings are a symbol that is firmly etched on the collective consciousness of mankind for one simple reason. We can't fly. Mankind has lived countless generations watching... Continue Reading →

Oracle Card Colors – Yellow

Yellow makes us think of sunshine and spring daffodils, of warmth and friendship and sunny days spent enjoying life. However, If the yellow that appears in your card is dull or muted it can signify cowardice and deceit or sickness.

Finding your Shadow Card

This was first published in an Oracle Deck guide book but its an amazing short and personal ritual that can help you unlock parts of yourself that you are hiding from and need to deal with. When you first get a new deck of cards its good practice to go through the deck and pause... Continue Reading →

Medicine Wheel Spread

I found this spread in the booklet that came with Denise Linn's Native Spirit Oracle Cards. Which I adore! I'll write about this deck soon, I promise. Once I read about the spread I jumped at the chance to offer it to clients when they came in for readings. They loved it just as much... Continue Reading →

Oracle Card Colors – Orange

Orange is warm and happy, it helps people feel relaxed and talkative. It is a favorite color of those that love to adventure, not just because it is highly visible in case something goes wrong, but because when you wear it you can't help but feel energized and alive. Orange is the perfect blend of... Continue Reading →

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