Finding your Shadow Card

This was first published in an Oracle Deck guide book but its an amazing short and personal ritual that can help you unlock parts of yourself that you are hiding from and need to deal with.

When you first get a new deck of cards its good practice to go through the deck and pause to say hello to each card, welcome it into your life and thank it for the wisdom that it has for you. It’s perfectly normal then to find your favorite card and lavish a little extra attention on that. But the key to this practice is to find the card that you like the least. That one that makes you slightly uncomfortable but you aren’t sure why. That card that you sort of skip over and maybe don’t welcome as warmly as the others. That is the card that you want for this exercise.

Sometimes there will be more than one. If so, line them up and pick the one that really stands out and makes you squirm more than the others do. There are often many cards in a deck that will challenge us and speak to us, but shadow work is about being able to find and truly focus on the actual problem.

Once you have your card, pull out your journal and start to write.

  • What do I not like about this card?

  • How does this card make me feel?

  • What symbols in this card am I finding hard to deal with?

  • Has this card come up for me a lot in my readings?

Close your session by asking the following questions:

  • If I see this card as a teacher, mentor and friend, what changes?

  • What is this card telling me about me?

This is a great exercise to do every year close to or on Samhain each year. Your shadow card will change as you grow and change and each year there will be new lessons to learn and grow from.

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