Medicine Wheel Spread

I found this spread in the booklet that came with Denise Linn’s Native Spirit Oracle Cards. Which I adore! I’ll write about this deck soon, I promise. Once I read about the spread I jumped at the chance to offer it to clients when they came in for readings. They loved it just as much as I did. So, I can confidently say this spread comes highly recommended when you are looking for an overall picture rather than an answer to a specific question.

The medicine wheel is a sacred circle that is used by many different cultures around the world. It’s a representation of the cycles of life. In its sacred shape you can find the cycle of the days, the moons, the seasons and of life itself.

In the medicine wheel spread it is as if we overlay a clock on top of the wheel and give each month its place on the clock face. However they are not laid down by the order of the months, but instead by the Solstices. The winter solstice is placed at 12, at the top of the circle – North. The summer solstice sits at 6 o’clock – South. Spring is at 3 o’clock and autumn at 9 o’clock. This means that if you are in the Northern Hemisphere December would appear at 12 o’clock, but if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, December would be at 6 o’clock.

To forecast the energy that surrounds your next twelve months, first choose a card for the month that you are in, and then place each card in its position around the Medicine Wheel. For example; if you are in the Northern Hemisphere and you are doing your reading in March you would start at 3 o’clock and work your way around the full circle until you read February at 2 o’clock.

After placing all 12 cards, place one final card in the center. This card is the over all energy for the next twelve months. This card influences the message of all the other cards in the wheel. I like to shuffle the cards in between each card. I do get a lot of jumpers when I do this spread so I find that I am actually pulling very few cards. They tend to pull themselves!

When I use this spread I lay out 13 index cards, each one headed with the month or position that they are placed in. As I lay down each Oracle card I hand the index card to my client so that they can take any notes that they want about the card drawn and what it might mean in their life. If you want, you can grab another deck and go around the wheel again, this has the effect of giving you an even clearer picture.

I love this spread for the overall picture it gives about what may be coming in the future. I found that if a client isn’t sure exactly what they want to know when they first come in, this spread is a great way to spark questions and lead to more detailed readings on single topics.

Card Spreads - Medicine Wheel

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