Oracle Card Symbols – Sword

The sword, in its creation becomes a metaphor for all of life, growth and spiritual development. We pass through the fire, a time of testing and trials of some sort, this has the effect of changing us fundamentally a way that is deeply personal to us.

Then there is the shaping power of earth that takes the malleable metal and draws it out from its formless lump into a thing of beauty that is shaped and edged for a distinct purpose.

Then we hit the water bath that cools us. This is the point when we realize that the trial is done. That sense of relief that you have when you get to stop, breathe and know that everything is going to be just fine.

Finally comes the resting period of Air, as we slowly recover from the trial and the shaping we simply sit and rest for a season. Sometimes this time can feel like there is nothing out there. Some feel slightly lost about now. But it is simply a time to rest.

Like the sword we must pass through trials which test and shape us. Like the sword we end up tempered and stronger and possessed of a striking and sometimes deadly beauty.

Oracle Card Symbols - Sword

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