Oracle Card Colors – Orange

Orange is warm and happy, it helps people feel relaxed and talkative. It is a favorite color of those that love to adventure, not just because it is highly visible in case something goes wrong, but because when you wear it you can’t help but feel energized and alive. Orange is the perfect blend of the fiery passion of red and the super bouncy happiness of yellow.

DiscernmentOrange is about creativity and the Sacral Chakra, the seat of your creativeness, your personality, your gut reactions and your instincts. Orange is often very apparent on any card that is calling for you to listen closely to your inner voice.

Orange is all about being positive and bouncing back from hardships and hurts.

EM - 36 CommitmentYou can often find orange in cards that relate to communication as it is very much the color of social communication and stimulation. If you are entertaining then bright splashes of orange will help keep people chatting for hours around your dining room table. Orange is highlighted on the commitment card in this deck, because communication is so often the key to a successful relationship.

Orange is about being freed from limitations and being inspired, its about spiritual growth and breaking free from old molds and forging your own path forwards.

Oracle Card Colors - Orange

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