Oracle Card Symbols – Stars

Man has looked at the lights in the sky for centuries now and wondered what they wereMiracles and what they meant. Many different meanings have been ascribed to them over the years. In Oracle Cards their meaning does change slightly depending on the question asked, the card they appear on, and how prominent they are on the card.

Shooting stars represent wishes, and being close to reaching your ultimate destiny. Like many symbols, this can change depending on the culture, In Asia, shooting stars are a bad omen, in Greece they symbolize the movement up or down of human spirits.

Gateway Oracle - Giving BirthBecause dreams about stars have an overwhelmingly positive meaning, the stars are the same in Oracle Cards. They represent our desires, our goals and dreams. They also speak of clearness and illumination from the Divine. Being pinpoints of light in the darkest night they speak very much to our faith and our hopes for the future.

Stars are often the messengers that speak of hopeful new beginnings.


Moonlit Intuition Symbols - Stars
Oracle Card Symbols – Stars

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