Oracle Card Symbols – Heart

While it bears little resemblance to an actual heart, the stylized heart is possibly one of the most universal symbols we have. It appears frequently in Oracle Cards, as well as around us in daily life. When you see a heart in an Oracle Card you can be sure it is pointing to something to do with love and emotion.

Oracle of the Unicorn

Here, In the Oracle of the Unicorn Card – Compassion, if you look closely you can see the heart rendered in white and gold. In fact, this heart looks a lot like a flower. In this case, it speaks of the purity of loving and cherishing yourself. Of compassion and forgiveness.

EM - 36 Commitment
Enchanted Map Oracle

The Enchanted Map Oracle Card – Commitment is a classic “Marriage’ card, the joined hands surrounded by bright red hearts. This card speaks love into any situation that it is drawn for. And while this card would most often signify romantic love it can also point to friendships and business partnerships where both parties are of one mind.

Gateway Oracle Cards

In the Gateway Oracle Cards – Receiving from Angels card we see the heart in the shape of the Angel’s wings that wrap around the person. That shape and the purple color together signify Divine love and the protection of all the forces of the Universe. No matter what is happening in the Querent’s life they are protected and loved by the Universe.

When hearts appear as the dominant symbols in a reading you can be sure that emotions are involved in the answer, no matter what the question. Color will shade the meaning of those hearts. Red usually denotes passionate or romantic love. Pink is often compassionate love and self love white white can mean purity and pure love. In an angel reading white hearts often symbolize the love for and from Deity.

Pin Me Symbols - Heart

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