Oracle Card Color – Black

When you think of horror movies two colors instantly come to mind for most of us. The red of blood and the black of death. Black in the human mind has become associated not only with death and evil, but also with sensuality and sexuality, the powerful opposing forces of life and death.

The color black has many more nuanced meanings than just death, sex and evil though. It is also often associated with power and strength, fear, illness, mystery, formality, elegance and sensuality, authority, aggression. Black could be seen as one of the more powerful colors. When you add it to any other color, that color takes on new depth, new shades of meaning.

True black is not the absence of color, it is the absence of light. This is why Black is so often associated with the unknown and with negativity and evil. Things we don’t want to meet lurk in the dark. Black can also convey strength and authority, it is known as a serious and sober color. Above many other colors it evokes a strong response in us often pulling at emotions we would rather keep hidden.

Black in the western world is the color of grief and mourning. It represents loss and death and the dark times that many of us face after losing someone close to us. To many of us black brings up associated feelings of grief and sadness, gloom and depression. In Asian countries white is the color of mourning and death.

When black stands out to you in an Oracle card, take close note of the symbols that it is appearing on. That is what will give you the needed clues as to what role this darkest of colors is taking this time. Is it a black heart? this could mean the end of a relationship. Is it coins painted black? this could be a warning that money is about to flee.

Remember that any card that represents death often does not mean literal death. Usually it heralds a change in our lives, the end of a cycle and perhaps more importantly, the beginning of a new cycle.

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