Oracle Card Symbols – Moon

Enchanted Map Oracle - MoonlightMost cultures throughout time have thought of the moon as feminine. Her waxing and waning and her influence on a woman’s menstrual cycle was considered clear evidence of that link. Egypt is one of the few cultures that labeled the moon masculine. Thoth, god of wisdom and knowledge was also associated with the moon.

The Greeks and the Romans had many different Lunar Deities. They had Goddesses for each phase of the moon and often fertility and birth Deities were also associated with the moon. To the Aztecs, the moon was a symbol of physical love.

Because of the moon’s association with the tides of the ocean, and women’s lives, it has also come to be heavily associated with cycles. The New Moon is considered to be the start and end of a cycle. The Full moon is the high point of the cycle. This can be any cycle at all, life, events, spiritual growth, where ever there is a repeating pattern. Halloween Oracle - Werewolf

The moon is also closely linked with human emotions. Again, possibly due to the fact that it is linked to women’s cycles and the fact that many of us (me included) tend to get a little teary as hormones wax and wane. There is also the well documented fact that people’s behavior as a whole changes as the moon grows fuller. Hospitals and Police will all tell you that the night of the Full Moon is busier than others.

Oracle of the Unicorn - CyclesThe moon is also a powerful symbol of intuition. That is why I picked it as part of the name for this blog. The moon and its control over cycles has a powerful effect on our intuition. Women out there, when your period comes due next time, instead of groaning or muttering about it, try reaching inward and listening. Often when we are bleeding we are at our most intuitive.

When she appears in a reading, look at the other cards around her. She could be pointing towards the emotions in a relationship. Or she could be simply telling the Querent that it is time to trust their intuition and let the Divine guide them as to what is coming next.

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