Oracle Card Symbols – Introduction

So, I have been asked “Why should I learn the symbols and stuff on Oracle Cards? Everything I need is in that little book right? I just have to keep that handy?” You can if you want to, but you will be cheating yourself out of an enriching and soul changing experience.

Yes, that booklet tells you exactly what the creator of the cards feels each card means. I’m not knocking those booklets, they are rich with nuggets of inspiration and information. They truly give you a window into the soul of the creator and help you see their dream clearly.

However, in my experience with doing readings I’ve found that the message that cards are trying to convey is not always found in those lines of type. The message for the person getting the reading is often something not quite so obvious. That message is conveyed in the symbols that can be found in the artwork of the card. By knowing these symbols you throw open the doors to your unconscious mind and let your higher self speak freely to you.

Symbolism is a rich language all of its own, and when you begin to unlock its secrets you gain entry into a treasure trove of wisdom and knowledge that many now days have forgotten ever existed. When you learn to see the symbols so artistically woven into nearly every deck of oracle cards then you will start to see those symbols everywhere around you in both magical and mundane applications.

There are certain symbols that are so common to the human experience that, over time, they have become inextricably linked with their message. When you open to your intuition while shuffling the cards you are allowing your higher self to reach out and speak directly. Giving you messages that you have no way of consciously knowing. The key to hearing what your Higher Self is saying lies in knowing those classic symbols and what they are conveying.

The question that the symbols are answering will always have a large effect on how to interpret any symbol in an Oracle card. The meaning will also be shaded by the color they are drawn in and the symbols that appear with them. Learning to listen to your intuition as it tells you what shades of meaning are overlapped onto each symbol with every different reading is what makes oracle card reading a fascinating and intricate art.

We will each relate to different symbols in different ways, but there are some common meanings that have become attached to some symbols throughout history. Each month, at the third quarter moon, I will post information about a symbol commonly found in Oracle Cards. I welcome our discussions on what each of these symbols mean to us all individually.

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