Oracle Card Colors – Orange

Orange is warm and happy, it helps people feel relaxed and talkative. It is a favorite color of those that love to adventure, not just because it is highly visible in case something goes wrong, but because when you wear it you can't help but feel energized and alive. Orange is the perfect blend of... Continue Reading →

Self Discovery Spread

For this spread you can use any card deck that feels right to you. Oracle or Tarot. If you are using a tarot deck then use just the Major Arcana cards. Don't let the questions for each card scare you, these are just prompts for you to use to help you as you explore. I... Continue Reading →

Oracle Card Symbols – Stars

Man has looked at the lights in the sky for centuries now and wondered what they were and what they meant. Many different meanings have been ascribed to them over the years. In Oracle Cards their meaning does change slightly depending on the question asked, the card they appear on, and how prominent they are... Continue Reading →

August Full Moon 2018

Moon in Pisces This full moon brings in a busy and eventful month for us all. Not only is there a lot of cleaning up going on astrologically after the three eclipses and the Mercury and Mars Retrogrades going direct again. But it is also The start of a new school year and the frantic... Continue Reading →

Oracle Card Colors – Red

Red has the lowest vibrational energy of all the colors in the rainbow, this means it is closely linked with the physical aspects of life. Because of this it is also linked with the Root Chakra and its alignment to the physical, instinctual side of human existence. Because it is such a bright, bold color... Continue Reading →

Shadow Work – First Steps

Kintsugi is the Japanese tradition of repairing broken ceramics and pottery with a lacquer made from precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum. Instead of fixing something to hide the flaw, they honor the history of the object by making the flaw its most beautiful and valuable part. This is the essence of Shadow... Continue Reading →

Oracle Card Symbols – Heart

While it bears little resemblance to an actual heart, the stylized heart is possibly one of the most universal symbols we have. It appears frequently in Oracle Cards, as well as around us in daily life. When you see a heart in an Oracle Card you can be sure it is pointing to something to... Continue Reading →

Full Moon Tarot Reading – July 2018

Lisa Barret 2 hrs ยท Hootsuite The full moon of July falls in the sign of Aquarius. This full moon is also a solar eclipse, six planets, including Mars, Mercury and Chiron are in retrograde as we move into Leo season with all its attendant bright and fiery energy. Like it or not, this is a time of change.

Oracle Card Color – Black

While often associated with evil and death, the color black has many more nuanced meanings than just that. It is also often associated with power,fear, illness, mystery, strength, elegance, authority, aggression, and formality.

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