Oracle Card Symbols – Light

Light is a symbol frequently found in Oracle, Angel and Tarot Cards. Depending on the symbols and colors that appear with it, it can have many shades of meaning, but I can not think of a single one that is less than positive.

Oracle Card Colors – Green

Green appears frequently in Oracle Cards, so much so in fact that sometimes it can seem to just be part of the background and not worth noting at all. Green however has many faces and shades. It can be fresh and exciting or it can be slow, stable and welcoming. The bright fresh green of... Continue Reading →

Oracle Card Symbols – Wings

This article deals specifically with bird or angel wings. Butterfly wings have a whole different symbology all of their own that I will talk about in the future. Wings are a symbol that is firmly etched on the collective consciousness of mankind for one simple reason. We can't fly. Mankind has lived countless generations watching... Continue Reading →

Oracle Card Colors – Yellow

Yellow makes us think of sunshine and spring daffodils, of warmth and friendship and sunny days spent enjoying life. However, If the yellow that appears in your card is dull or muted it can signify cowardice and deceit or sickness.

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