Full Moon in Libra – March 2019

The full moon in Libra, is all about balance and how we can tweak our own lives to bring that balance back into everything we do. This spread looks at ways we may be able to adjust the balance in our lives.

Oracle Card Symbols – Horizons

The horizon is considered to be one the liminal spaces of our earth. Places that are a transition point between one state and another. Shorelines, dusk and dawn are also powerful liminal points. Being inherently magickal the possibilities are simply endless, anything can happen at these places . Read more about what Horizons can mean when they appear in an Oracle Card reading.

Full Moon – January 2019

Full Moon in Leo Lunar Eclipse Super Moon Blood Wolf Moon The Lunar Eclipse begins in Baltimore at around 9:30pm Sunday the 20th of January. It will peak at 12;12am on Monday January 21st and all be over by 2:48am Monday January 21st. This full moon will combine all the bright look at me energy... Continue Reading →

Full Moon – December 2018

The Cancer full moon, also known as the Cold Moon, coincides with the Winter Solstice, an eclipse and a meteor shower, bringing a convergence of four high energy events that pack a powerful punch.

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